- How to upgrade from Windows Server to Windows Server R2 (Standard Edition)? - Super User

- How to upgrade from Windows Server to Windows Server R2 (Standard Edition)? - Super User

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Change windows server 2012 datacenter to standard free -  


Change windows server 2012 datacenter to standard free


It is a licensed copy from Windows. I am attempting to upgrade to a licensed copy of Windows server via mounted image on the VM. After launching setup. The option to keep existing files and upgrade is GREYED OUT with the below error message: "you are trying to upgrade to a version of windows that is different than the datacentef installed".

I have been uninstalling all recent updates on the server r2 in hopes this will resolve the issue but have been unsuccessful so far. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

You got me. Maybe "systeminfo" from a command prompt and make sure the OS name looks okay there? If it is a VM, why not just spin up a new server and just transfer data and config. If i had the choice, i would always build new instead of upgrading. EIDT: i know it does not answer the question change windows server 2012 datacenter to standard free are asking, but it might be a better way to go in the long run.

I suppose that could be an option. The current VM running R2 contains a database and several apps that cannot be lost so an upgrade would be ideal. Could it be that the gap between r2 and is too great and must r2 must be upgraded to first? That message means exactly what it says - you are trying to upgrade to a different product line - upgrading Datacenter to Chanve, etc.

You've got to run an intermediate upgrade to first in order to keep the files in an upgrade to Just to be sure my old age isn't getting to me, I just mounted a iso to a R2 VM and initiated the upgrade process and the option to keep my files and stuff was available. To make matters stranger, I've attempted an upgrade to standard as по ссылке alternate and the option to keep files is still daatcenter out.

After re-verting VM to a previous state and selected standard desktop experience. The option was no xerver greyed out. Further on this topic, when installing Windows serverhas anyone had the installation look like it completes but then fails at the end with the following error:.

Not exactly true. The key has to be in a valid format, pass whatever checksum, but doesn't cchange it's valid. The activation phase is what determines that. Those are distinct keys for me and Нажмите чтобы узнать больше had to apply the newer license to the upgraded server.

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Share your must-haves for SpiceWorld! Figured I would start a discussion about this. Boss wants the employees, about 15 of them, to email reports that he needs to approve. He won't be in the office as much so hence the request.

Now I was thinking I could just create a folder under change windows server 2012 datacenter to standard free inbox ca Online Нажмите для продолжения. Login Join.

Windows Server. Spice 8 Reply Enter to win a Contest ends Contest Details View all contests. Verify your account to enable IT change windows server 2012 datacenter to standard free to see that you are a professional. Thx You got me. Like suggested above, you're windowa Standard "desktop experience" and that's what's on R2?

GDaddy This person is a verified professional. Spice 1 flag Report. OP chanhe. Thank sefver for the quick reply. Spice 3 flag Report. Nope - R2 to change windows server 2012 datacenter to standard free a valid upgrade. Spice 2 flag Report. Dennis This person is a verified professional. Узнать больше wrote: You've got to run an intermediate upgrade to first in order to keep the files in an upgrade to Regedit showing r2 standard - mounted ISO is sfrver.

So it is odd. Not using eval media are you? The menu the OP is seeing as grayed out going from toisn't grayed out when wtandard go from to to I had to run windoas experiments internally here to see our product would survive an OS upgrade.

The product would survive, but it would be faster for us to spin up a parallel server and then cut standrad the data with a couple hours of downtime vs downtime when waiting for two OS upgrades to run. Edited to change " No sir - standard version flag Report.

I've gone from R2 to numerous times. In your experience has a recent sedver update caused issues when performing an upgrade? No but I widows done that upgrade in quite a while. However, I'm looking at a fully patched R2 box and the in-place upgrade option is selectable. T error message is telling you why it won't do the upgrade. Now it's a matter 22012 finding out chznge it thinks your versions are mismatched.

Is there any other settings I should be examining? Thx flag Sevrer. Thx Did you choose the option with the "Desktop Experience"? My guess would be a windows update or some setting that got changed by mistake. Thank you everyone for your detailed responses! Spice 4 flag Report. Event viewer is showing "License Activation slui. Don't know about the errors. Datacenyer you sir for the suggestion.

I will try this flag Report. Read these next



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